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Graduate Program in Production Engineering Universidade de São Paulo


Laboratory of Analysis, Development and System Operation (LADOS)

Develops research projects regarding advanced technological systems, combining free software, proprietary software and technological services for developing new products and services, for restructuring productive processes and for generating innovative business models.
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. André Leme Fleury

Laboratory of Innovation Management (LGI)

Proposes to advance in knowledge and in practices of organization and innovation management in companies, as well as contributing to improving and generating public policies. It is an integral part in the dynamic network and rich in experiences and knowledge in innovation, congregating competencies and multidisciplinary knowledge, articulating prominent actors from the academic, entrepreneurial and innovation policy communities. Its members are experienced in research, didactics, practice and in formulating public policies. LGI coordinates a network of entities developing NAGI (Support Center for Innovation Management), a project supported by the Research and Projects Financing Agency (Finep) and counts on partnerships with important companies, offering an open and free web-video course on innovation management, accessible at (NAGI).
Coordenador: Prof. Dr. Mario Sergio Salerno

Project Management Laboratory (LGP)

Established in 2009 aiming at creating a laboratory to articulate teaching, research and extension activities related to the project management theme. It was conceived as a knowledge portal and a discussion forum for the professors, students and professional communities in the area. The purpose is to create a propitious environment for discussing relevant themes, as well as for formulating and developing research and extension projects in these communities.
Coordenadora: Profa. Dra. Marly Monteiro de Carvalho

Laboratory of Information Technology, of Knowledge and of Competitive Intelligence Strategic Management (LETICIC)

Its aim is to conduct research projects into themes related to Strategic Management of Information Technology (IT), of Knowledge and of Competitive Intelligence. This approach allows integrating research activities of themes traditionally treated in the Production Engineering Department of EP-USP (PRO): Competitive Strategy, Strategic Alignment of Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Quantitative Techniques for Analyzing Data and Information, as well a Decision Support Systems. This laboratory aims to increase the visibility of the PRO research activities in the themes mentioned above; the resulting projects may yield benefits in the PRO (Graduate and Undergraduate) teaching activities, Research and Extension ambit.
Coordenador: Prof. Dr. Fernando José Barbin Laurindo

Laboratory of integrated strategies for the mobility industry (Mobilab)

Its goals are to consolidate an over twenty-year experience in research, teaching and extension activities directed to the automotive sector conducted in the PRO ambit and to define a new approach to a relevant industrial sector which is undergoing a deep change process, at world and at national levels.
Coordenadores: Profs. Drs. Mauro Zilbovicius e Roberto Marx

Laboratory of Studies on Services Design and Sustainability (LEDss)

It is a reference for activities involving research, teaching and extension directed to Service Management, Service Design, Sustainability and Innovation. It aims to consolidate a collaborative interaction space among professionals, students, the University and Companies, focusing on Sustainable Development and on Innovation in Services, generating new knowledge (by means of events, advisory of projects and scientific initiation, projects with companies from different sectors, among others). It yearly promotes the Exhibitions “Services in the Market” and “Sustainability in the Market “, presenting works by undergraduate and graduate students (lato sensu).
Coordenador: Prof. Dr. Clovis Alvarenga Netto


InovaLab@POLI is a multidisciplinary laboratory offering advanced resources for engineering projects (software, hardware, 3D printers, mechanical and electronic workshops), with free access to undergraduate students of Escola Politécnica (POLI) and of the University of São Paulo (USP) as a whole. The laboratory aims to stimulate the use of resources for innovation by undergraduate students; to motivate students to keep improving their technical formation; and to enhance the formation of complementary competencies, such as team work abilities, knowledge of market/client, creativity to seek solutions, communication ability and entrepreneurial mentality.
Coordenadores: Profs. Drs. Roseli de Deus Lopes e Eduardo de Senzi Zancul

Cooperation and Knowledge Management Networks (REDECOOP)

The aim of the research group is to find alternatives to enhance companies’ performance (especially that of small and medium-sized companies) and their competitivity power by means of interorganizational arrangements, clusters and of productive operation networks, besides identifying the opportunities and barriers regarding knowledge generation, dissemination and management by means of productive cooperation networks. The greater focus of attention of the researches is the dynamic aspect of cooperation between companies and institutions operating in a given productive chain in their quest for “collective efficiencies”.
Coordenador: Prof. Dr. João Amato Neto

Center for Innovation in Logistics Systems (CISLog)

Its goal is to congregate, to integrate, to organize and to consolidate different competencies and capabilities in logistics and in supply chain, in the ambit of Escola Politécnica of the USP. It is guided towards studying and elaborating solutions for the real challenges of society, developing projects in the following areas: teaching (graduate and undergraduate courses), research (themes: Optimization-based decision support systems; Transportation and Multi-Modality; Multi-criteria decision analysis; GHG Emission; Sustainable logistics; Humanitarian logistics and Disasters; and Distribution in emerging markets) and extension (corporate partnerships, continuing education and participation in events).
Coordenadores: Profs. Drs. Hugo T. Y. Yoshizaki e Cláudio Barbieri da Cunha

Group of Studies into Modeling in the Energy Sector (GEMSE)

Established in 2014, it aims to analyze problems related to energy use by using operational and statistic research tools. Among the projects in course are:
a) Analysis of electric power prices using two approaches: Agent-based models (simulation) for bid analysis; and Analytical models for price forecast;
b) Energy portfolio management using two approaches: robust optimization models in portfolios including wind and solar power; and Application of stock models to manage energy commodities portfolios;
c) Analysis of waste use in sugar-ethanol plants (microgrids)
Coordenadores: Profs. Drs. Celma de Oliveira Ribeiro, Erik Rego e Roberto Ivo (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

Laboratory of Project and Work Engineering

This laboratory main aim is to prepare researchers, professors, students and professionals working with the issue of finding engineering solutions to improve work in the most different segments of the economy, potentializing conditions to analyze the production reality and, above all, to seek solutions aiming at the development of tasks in organizations. It thus seeks to develop knowledge and solutions to provide workers with conditions to produce in conformity with presuppositions that ensure the result of their work activity, favors quality and productivity, as well as professional development, so that they are satisfied with themselves and mind their health.
Coordenador: Prof. Dr. Laerte Idal Sznelwar

Observatory of Innovation and Competitiveness (OIC)

The Research Support Center – Observatory of Innovation and Competitiveness (NAP-OIC) is an interdisciplinary research group directed to studying the Innovation process in Brazil. It is formed by faculty members/researchers, along with undergraduate and graduate students connected to USP and to other research institutions.
NAP-OIC conducts researches, consultancy and comprehensive analyses of innovation to understand how this process occurs, besides conducting seminars open to the public in general aiming to debate and to disseminate the knowledge produced, allowing it to also serve as a guideline for implementing public policies and strategies to stimulate innovation.
Coordenador: Prof. Dr. Mario Sergio Salerno