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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia de Produção Universidade de São Paulo

SEMINÁRIO: A spatially-resolved urban energy systems model for studying heat decarbonisation pathways in the UK

DATA: 05/09/2018
LOCAL: Sala D2-116 (PRO – Poli/USP)

PALESTRANTE: Francisca Jalil Vega
Research Associate at the Sustainable Gas Institute, PhD in the Chemical Engineering Department at Imperial College London, Mechanical Engineer, MSc. in Mechanical Engineering, and MSc. in Sustainable Energy Futures.

– Decarbonisation pathways in Brazil and UK;
– Developing spatially-resolved energy systems models through optimisation methods;
– Trade-offs between different components of energy systems such as supply, network infrastructure, and end-use technologies;
– How energy systems models can be used to inform policy decisions and energy strategies.