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Graduate Program in Production Engineering Universidade de São Paulo

Intellectual Production

A listing of the intellectual works produced by the PPGEP of Escola Politécnica can be retrieved from the database of ‘Plataforma Sucupira’ maintained by CAPES, an agency of the Ministry of Education (MEC) of Brazil responsible for the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel. To access this listing, click here and make a search following the instructions below.

        1. Fill in the Year of data to be searched in ‘Ano’ (e.g. 2016)

        2. Fill in the field ‘Instituição de Ensino’ with ‘33002010 UNIVERSIDADE DE SÃO PAULO’

        3. In the field ‘Programa’, select ‘ENGENHARIA (ENGENHARIA DE PRODUÇÃO) (33002010052P0)’ from the menu

        4. Select the type of production of your interest in ‘Tipo de Produção’ (e.g. ‘BIBLIOGRAFICA’ for publications)

        5. Select the subtype of production of your interest in ‘Subtipo da Produção’ (e.g. ‘ARTIGO EM PERIODICO’ for articles published in journals)

        6. Click on ‘Consultar’

Produções Intelectuais