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Graduate Program in Production Engineering Universidade de São Paulo


Internationalization is a major goal of PPGEP and this is promoted by means of several actions such as: Participation of faculty members in international events, thesis examination committees and research internships in foreign universities; Reception of visiting professors; Sending students to doctoral internships abroad (sandwich doctorate); Organization of international events; Collaboration with international journals and congresses as member of scientific committee or editorial committee or as referees; among others.


In 2015, three PPGEP students developed part of their doctorate program in a foreign institution. The PPGEP Regulation, approved in September 2014, made it possible, with the authorization of the Program Coordinating Committee, that the thesis/dissertation be presented in another format, composed of articles (published or in preparation) all written in the same language (English or Portuguese).

Partnerships with foreign researchers

Several professors of PPGEP have relationships with researchers from relevant international institutions (mainly from Europe). Such relationships have been the starting point for the establishment of new formal agreements involving research and graduate activities and the promotion of the production of scientific articles in co-authorship with researchers from these foreign institutions. Among current projects, we can mention: “Rising powers, labour standards and the governance of global production networks”, coordinated by Prof. Afonso Fleury, and “Management of uncertainty in radical innovation”, coordinated by Prof. Mario Salerno, in addition to CISLOG (Centre for Innovation in Logistics System), coordinated by Prof. Hugo Yoshizaki.


In 2015, the PPGEP received several visiting professors who delivered lectures on diverse, relevant themes, and organized some international events. In addition, several PPGEP faculty members participate in major international events concerning Production Engineering such as EUROMA, INFORMS, POMS, ODAM GERPISA, and ICPR, among others, presenting recent research works.


International Relations Office of Escola Politécnica — (Comissão de Relações Internacionais da Escola Politécnica da USP / CRInt-Poli)

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USP International Cooperation Office — (Agência USP de Cooperação Acadêmica Nacional e Internacional / AUCANI)

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