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Graduate Program in Production Engineering Universidade de São Paulo

The Program

The Graduate Program in Production Engineering (PPGEP) of Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo (EPUSP) is geared towards offering high level graduate studies for Master and Doctoral degree candidates in Production Engineering. The program graduates are expected to have a relevant role in the continuous development of Production Engineering generating new knowledge as well as the models and methods to operationalize it by relying on a strong conceptual base, adopting a critical and creative stance, and observing the ever evolving circumstances to which the production systems are subject.

The PPGEP offers a set of disciplines in five different research areas, as presented below, designed to make the students well-informed of what is happening at the cutting edge of knowledge and to develop a research theme that is relevant for the promotion and development of Production Engineering from the theoretical, economical and social viewpoints.

1. Production Economics and Financial Engineering (EPEF)

2. Operations and Logistics Management (GOL)

3. Information Technology Management (GTI)

4. Product Quality and Engineering (QEP)

5. Work, Technology and Organization (TTO)

The professors and graduate students developing researches in these areas are organized in research groups registered at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) of Brazil. Details about more specific research themes of each of these groups and related projects can be accessed by clicking on the respective links above.

The faculty members of the PPGEP are highly qualified and are responsible for most of the teaching activities. Some guest lecturers and professionals are also invited to collaborate in some classes bringing outside knowledge and expertise.

Since its establishment, the PPGEP has awarded degrees to more than 600 Master’s and Doctoral candidates. These graduates have pursued challenging careers as prominent scholars, high rank professionals/officials in the private or public sector in Brazil and abroad.

It is important to emphasize that students are expected to dedicate themselves full time to the program in order to achieve the excellence in their graduate studies. During the course, they are trained to develop an integrated view of Production Engineering so as to increase their knowledge and skills for designing and/or managing production systems deploying the most effective strategies.